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Goods for Aikido. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Goods for Brazilian jiu jitsu. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for Jujutsu. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for Judo. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods and equipment for Iaido. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for Karate.All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods and equipments for Kendo. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for Wushu/taichi . All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for Kyudo. All dimensions. Individual tailoring.


Goods for MMA.Gear and performance equipment.


Goods for Ninjutsu.All dimensions. Individual tailoring.

Bags and Cases

Bags for the training weapon.


Shinai for Kendo. All dimensions.


Boken/Jo.All dimensions. Production under the individual order.

Gloves and Pads

Gloves and Pads.All types.


Accessories. Towels, sageo, DVD-disks, icons.


T-shirts. Male and female. All dimensions.


Hat "MO"

Hat "MO" Art. 1308
27,20 $

Fanny Pack MOFS

Fanny Pack MOFS Art. 1082
24,18 $

Muri Oto Camo Spats

Muri Oto Camo Spats Art. 0343
64,68 $

Rashgard Mizu 2.0

Rashgard Mizu 2.0 Art. 0344
64,68 $

Hat "82ers Sevastopol"

Hat "82ers Sevastopol" Art. 1307
27,20 $

Martial arts - is the path of spiritual and physical development, which occurs not only on the tatami, but in all spheres of life dealing with the various martial arts. The kimono was a necessary attribute of all martial arts, the manufacture of which requires not only skill, but also knowledge of some parts of eastern culture. In aikido it is complemented by a more and hakama also an important element of japanese equipment. However, buy a kimono is not so easy, despite the fact that the sports shops offer a wide range of the products. Karate, judo, aikido and other martial arts with its own requirements to the training clothes, but they all agree that the kimono should be made of natural fabrics and have a comfortable cut. So if you decide to buy a kimono, it must be sufficiently strong and the well to absorb the moisture. Hakama, for example, should not get in the way and good hold of the folds. Many nuances, and all of them into account when creating the kimono and hakama brand Muri Oto, for which tailoring convenient and qualitative training of clothes and is the main task.

Regardless of how the oriental combat though you are doing: both aikido and judo, or even the wing chun, we will help you buy a kimono, which will serve you for many years. You can be sure, on the tatami you will look decent.
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