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This karate gi specially designed for training and competitions in kata. Cropped sleeves provide freedom of action in the performance of a hand and allow to show cropped pants legs stunning technique.

Additional firmware sleeves and pant legs forms a dense framework, thus achieving the effect of "starched" kimono. Modern tailoring elongated jackets, high-quality cotton and attention to detail ensures comfort during training and an impressive view.

Kimono design based on our years of experience and training in karate competitions and meets all the requirements of modern gear.

Additional description
Color white
Fabric cotton
Fabric density 260 gr/m² (9 oz)
Netto weight 1,45 kg

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Additional: embroidery

You can order Gi/hakama/pants/belt of any color and size with pre-assembled, high quality embroidery, which is made using polyester (rayon) threads. We apply images of Japanese characters in kanji or katakana, and also letterings in English or Russian in any font. Contact our manager for more details: [email protected]

Karategi Muri Oto Kata

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