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Murioto Fightsports Black Tee

Murioto Fightsports Black Tee
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ItemMurioto Fightsports Black Tee
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Murioto Fightsports Tee - first of 2015 collection - a new look at the tradition and style of our regular designer Shadow Moses.

Designing this shirt we wanted to stick to the traditional style elements mixing it up with the trendyness of todays fashion.


Material: 95% cotton 5 % acrilic

Density of jersey fabric: 210 g/m2

Color: black


Netto weight: 0,150 kg

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Delivery to the countries of Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America, and other countries outside of the CIS is carried out with the help of the international courier service EMS.
The cost of delivery is calculated according to the formula:
the Cost for the first kg + the Cost of subsequent kg * number of kg in parcel
and depends on geographical location relative to the exporting country(Ukraine) as well as on the weight of parcels.
With the tariffs for all countries can be found by clicking on this link
The exact cost of delivery specify at the manager!

Individual tailoring service

Cost of the individual tailoring service is 8.00 USD and should be added to the main product price. You have a great opportunity to order this product according to your individual size measures. Just specify the desired parameters taken from the size table (options A-, B-, C-, D-, L-, etc.) or give to the manager your individual measures.


Additional: embroidery

You can order Gi/hakama/pants/belt of any color and size with pre-assembled, high quality embroidery, which is made using polyester (rayon) threads. We apply images of Japanese characters in kanji or katakana, and also letterings in English or Russian in any font. 

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